0-6 Months

Baby's First Year Guide

This is a month by month guide to your Baby's First Year. It covers milestones and development, sleeping, babycare, immunisation reminders, feeding and more.

Need help? Talk to others about any issues with baby on our forums. Discuss anything about life with your baby birth to six months and six to twelve months, chat to other mums about breastfeeding, sleeping, starting solids and allergy and food intolerances.


An image showing a developing brain from The Developing Human Connectome Project.

Stunning images show baby brain development

First images of how babies' brains develop have been released in a landmark study that will eventually tell us more about brain growth and life outcomes than we've ever known before.

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baby road map

Your baby’s developmental roadmap

Caring for your new baby can feel like driving along a dark highway without a GPS: you know your destination – a happy, healthy human being – but you’re not sure whether you’re heading in the right direction.

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Baby's first month: development, medical and sleep

Congratulations you have a brand new addition to your family! Whether it is your first or fifth plenty of Mums can't remember exactly what's it's like to have newborn, so find out about baby's first month on Essential Baby.

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It takes months for your child's vision to develop fully.

Learning to see

Watching your child develop and grow is one of the joys of parenthood. Actively participating in your child's development will ensure that your child realises his or her full visual potential.

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Baby's First Year - Month 6

At this stage many parents introduce solid food for the first time. Solid food is actually assortments of purees. We have some tips to get you started below. Baby will also be continuing to absorb language and it is never too early to start reading and singing songs to your baby who just loves the sound of your voice!

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