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Feature member story: a gift for Chloe

Per gram, the infusions Chloe receives are worth more than gold, but for her and her family, the contents are truly priceless. Her mum shares why the gift of blood donation has given the family - and Chloe - a new life.

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Diabetes thumb

Feature member story: My son's type 1 diabetes diagnosis

Type 1 diabetes affects more than 122,300 people in Australia, with around 1825 people - mostly children under the age of 15 - diagnosed every year. Here, an Essential Baby member shares the story of her son's diagnosis.

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Gail and James

James' brave battle

In February of this year our entire world crumbled down around us. My beautiful, healthy, strong five and a half year old son James was about to start the hardest fight of his life. He had just been diagnosed with liver cancer.

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Martina feeding Aurora

Feature member story: Feeding Aurora

Diagnosed with Noonan's Syndrome, Aurora Valentine Cunningham was sent to this Earth for only a very short time. Now, during World Breastfeeding Week, Aurora's mother Martina Kerr shares the battle she fought to ensure Aurora received her nourishing breastmilk, despite many obstacles.

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