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Essential Baby has thousands of baby name ideas for you to choose the perfect baby girl name or baby boy name.

Firstly you can check out our BABY NAME TOOL, where you can search by letter, meaning, name origin and gender.

You can chat with others about your ideas, and give advice to those looking for it, in our BABY NAME FORUM.

And below you'll find lists of names under popular categories. Browse through to find a name you love.

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Need more help finding the perfect baby name?
Head to our Baby Name Tool to browse by letter, meaning, gender or origin.
Use our Baby Name Tester tool to see how a name sounds in a variety of situations.
Talk to others and use the forum as a sounding board with baby names on our baby names forums. There are lots of naming fanatics ready to help with name ideas, sibsets and to warn you off no-go names in the baby name forum.



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