Shopping for Baby


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Choosing a convertible car seat

Choosing a car seat for your child can be a big decision – it has to fit your car, suit your taste, and, most importantly of all, be safe for your little one. CHOICE gives a guide of what to look for.

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Baby products: what not to buy

New parents are faced with a dizzying array of items deisgned to make their lives – and that of their baby – easier and more hygienic. But a lot of these products are a waste of time and money, as EB mums explained.

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Choosing a pram or stroller

As a pram or stroller is usually one of the most expensive items new parents purchase, it's important to ensure that your baby pusher is just as safe and practical as it is aesthetically appealing. Learn what CHOICE recommends you look for when buying a stroller.

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Choosing a cot

Cots might only be used for a relatively short period of time in your time’s life, but it’s vital that the cot is safe for your little one to use. Here’s what CHOICE says to look for when buying a cot.

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Choosing a baby monitor

Baby monitors can give parents great peace of mind when caring for their little ones, but with so many monitors to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you? After reviewing 14 monitors, CHOICE explains what features to look for.

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Buying online can save you money, but be aware of any hidden costs and make sure you comparison shop, too.

Buying for baby: keeping costs down

For the first four years of your baby’s life you could spend, on average, over $20,000 on baby purchases, with the bulk of the cost in the first 12 months. CHOICE gives some tips on how to keep your costs down during this exciting but confusing time.

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It's time to hit the shops ... but do you know what you really need?

Buying for baby: the CHOICE checklist

There are so many baby products on the market these days that it’s hard to know where to start. CHOICE tells you which products are essential, useful, optional or not recommend.

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Change table


How safe is your change table?

Here’s a scary statistic: of the 19 change tables recently tested by CHOICE, half didn’t pass the key safety criteria. Here's what to look for in a safe and secure change table.

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Baby snapsuit

Baby Clothing Checklist - Summer baby

Buying clothes and dressing up your new baby is one of life's true pleasures for most mums. Here are the basics you should buy in the lead up to your babies birth.

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Babies"R"Us baby products

We take a look at Babies"R"Us baby products from baby swaddles to baby monitors.

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